Recreational Vaulting classes introduce the new vaulter to the basics of vaulting. 

  • Recreational Vaulting Classes emphasize fun and safety!
  • You’ll learn the basics, known as “Compulsories” which every vaulter at every level must know and continue to develop.
  • Watch a vaulter perform the Compulsories.

Recreational Vaulting classes are also for:

  • Riders who want to improve their riding & safety on horses by improving balance, strength, flexibility & harmony on the horse.
  • Experienced Vaulters who want to continue to grow in skill and confidence and seek to enjoy the sport of vaulting apart from competition.

First Time?

  1.  Sign up for your first Recreational Vaulting class.
  2.  Complete waiver.
  3.  Wear:
    • Form-fitting workout clothes like leggings and snug tank or t-shirt that won’t come up when doing cartwheels, handstands, etc.
    • Hair pulled back
    • Athletic or running shoes
    • No jewelry or earrings
  4. Bring:
    • Thin, soft, rubber soled shoes, NOT Boots.  Shoes like Tom’s, gymnastic, acrobatic, or swim shoes work well.
    • Water
    • Jacket
    • Completed waiver
  5.  Show up for your class!  See the map.
  6.   What to expect in your first vaulting class.