OC Vaulting

sharing the joy of horses with our local youth & urban community. 

Through our innovative equine programs,

we strive to promote strong character,

teamwork, service and work ethic


A Unique Community youth sports club

What is Vaulting?

  • Horsemanship, dance & gymnastics
  • strength, balance & harmony to improve riding safety
  • Safest of all equestrian disciplines
  • one of only 8 internationally FEI recognized disciplines 
  • rooted in ancient military training
  • foundation of all European riding disciplines, for centuries
  • NOT “trick riding” or “pole jumping”

Try it!

  • No previous riding or gymnastics experience is required.
  • Classes for all levels.
  • Meet our horses and experience the joy of vaulting, TODAY!


What is OCV?

OC Vaulting is a lifestyle. 

Affordable, community based, Youth Sports Club embracing hard work, perseverance, character, teamwork, & service through horses & the sport of vaulting.

A SOLELY volunteer run organization, whereby all dues & tuition support our horses, volunteers, & members.

FEI Spotlight

US Vaulting champion Mikhail Proctor has big ambitions…read more!

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Beginner’s Guide to Competitive Vaulting

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