What is Equestrian Vaulting?

Vaulting is dance & gymnastics on the back of a moving horse while it is being controlled by a lunger. Vaulting is NOT “trick riding” or “horse pole vaulting”. Vaulting is rooted in ancient military training and has been around for centuries, many riding programs, and throughout Europe, require vaulting before riding as it facilitates strength, balance & harmony needed for safe & successful riding. It is also one of only 8 disciplines recognized internationally by FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale).

What is OC Vaulting?

OC Equestrian Vaulting is not simply a riding program. We are a Youth Sports Club who strives to bring an equestrian experience to our local community. To help kids learn service, perseverance, horsemanship, build character & work ethic through teamwork and the sport of equestrian vaulting. All dues & tuition go to supporting out program, horses, volunteers, & our shared vision.

No previous riding or gymnastics experience is required to try vaulting. We offer classes for all levels from beginners to experienced vaulters. Please join us for an introductory class, meet our horses and experience the joy of vaulting. For more information and to schedule an introductory class click here.

Whether this is your first time vaulting, you want to vault just for fun, or you want to vault competitively, OC Vaulting has something for you!

Classes & Registration