Competitive Vaulting

To begin competing with OC Vaulting Club:

  1. Learn your compulsories then
  2. Try-out showing compulsories and preparation to vault competitively in the American Vaulting Association’s (Region 1) competitions.

OCV Club classes differ from Recreational Vaulting classes by adding freestyles: individually, in pairs, and team events. (Club classes also continue development of the compulsories begun in Recreational Classes).

In addition to barrel and horse work, our 2 to 3 1/2 hour Club classes can include team work, conditioning, cross-training, movement, musicality, and horsemanship.

OC Vaulting is committed to nurturing a supportive and positive community of both exemplary athletes and horsemen.  Our focus for practice and competition is to work hard, build character, develop personally and as a team, treat others the way we would like to be treated, and share our love of our incredible sport.

Helpful video about keeping the focus on growth instead of chasing trophies.

Good resource to keep up or learn about International Competitive Vaulting.