Vaulting & Riding

OC Vaulting strives to offer a well rounded program. We do not only offer recreational classes for beginners and club classes for the competitive athlete, but also riding and horsemanship classes.

Recreational Vaulting

Recreational Vaulting classes introduce the new vaulter to the basics of vaulting with the emphasis on FUN and SAFETY. You’ll learn the basics, known as “Compulsories” that every vaulter at every level must know and continue to develop.

Recreational Vaulting classes are also for riders who want to improve their riding & safety on horses by improving balance, strength, flexibility & harmony on the horse and for those experienced vaulters who enjoy the sport without competition.

Competitive Vaulting

If competition is what you seek, then check out this Beginner’s Guide to Equestrian Vaulting video. In this episode, Equine VIP visits a small community equestrian vaulting team learning the basics of Equestrian Vaulting. This exciting riding discipline is an excellent way to learn balance and teamwork.

Try an Introductory Class!

No previous riding or gymnastics experience is required to try vaulting. We offer classes for all levels from beginners to experienced vaulters.

OC Vaulting is here to walk, trot and canter with you from your first day of vaulting through all levels of competition!  We seek to help you develop at each stage of your vaulting experience. Where did Vaulting come from?  Learn about the History of Vaulting!