HUMAN & HORSE Safety, Care & Welfare Policies

Digital Waiver/Release of Liability

First-Time Vaulters


“Club” tuition is on a monthly, (not per class), basis.  There is no additional charge for a 5-week month, nor is there any adjustment for “short” months resulting from holidays, events, inclement weather, illness, injury, etc. 

  • Payment is due on the 1st of the month .
  • A 10% late fee will be applied for all payments received after the 7th of the month.   

All “Club” Members are requested to provide a minimum of 30 days advance notice, for any changes in participation or payment.

  • First Time, Recreational & Introductory Vaulting is scheduled and paid through on our on-line scheduler.
  • Club Vaulting may be paid with check, credit card or QuickBooks Online.
  • A $35.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks.

Classes are not canceled due to inclement weather but will instead be adjusted, accordingly.

Each class has a lunger, AND a coach and is limited to 6 vaulters.  As we have a limited amount of classes at each level of vaulting there are no make-ups, refunds or adjustments for missed classes.  However, if OCV cancels a class, OCV will try to offer a substitute class.

Classes may be closed or combined if there are fewer than 3 students students are present.  Students are not allowed to drop in and attend classes to which they are not assigned without prior, written approval.

Vaulters from other clubs are welcome to join our practices, with prior written approval (please email us to arrange!).

Class schedules are adjusted at the beginning of each competition season, and thorughout the year, (as needed), to accomodate volunteer coaches & lungers.

Safe Sport’s focus is ending all forms of abuse in sport including when and how to report misconduct and how to recognize the signs in order to prevent abuse before it occurs. OC Vaulting requires Safe Sport training and adheres to its Policies.

As part of our leadership development of OC Vaulters may assist primary coaches, lungers or less experienced vaulters unless otherwise directed, in writing.

OCV observes the following holidays: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Weekend, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.   However, Horses will still require care, rain or shine, 365 days a year for which students and/or volunteers will tend to.

We regularly photograph and/or videotape our vaulting activities. These photos and videos are usually used in promotional materials (printed and electronic). Unless specifically prohibited in writing by parent or guardian.

Horses need food & care, every single day, regardless.  Therefore All “Club” Members are requested to provide a minimum of 30 days advance notice, for any changes in participation or payment.